MP Incubator Membership

You ready to meet your tribe?

We can't wait to welcome you to our inner circle of military spouses in the exploration and creation stages of their business. If you are a military spouse who has a dream of fulfilling your financial destiny on your own terms (and you think entrepreneurship is the answer for you), you are in the right place!


Military Spouse Members-Only Community

As a MP Incubator Member you will receive access to our online, members-only, Milspo Project Incubator Group where you can meet other military spouses on the same journey as you. Big dreams need a big support circle.

Monthly Milspo Business Resources

Members receive access to monthly MP Member Workbooks. These downloadable workbooks are fantastic for growing a business, with space for notes and personal and professional reflection. In addition you will gain access to our Military Spouse Goal Sheets, stored in our member library.

Virtual Book Club & Member Events

Milspo Project Incubator members will receive invitations to our monthly Business Book Club  where we cover personal development and business. As an Incubator Member you will also be able to attend military spouse member events for special rates (which include member bonuses).

Ideal MP Incubator Members

We are looking for generous, motivated, military spouses who want to learn more about starting a business or personal brand. If you are looking for a community where you can grow yourself, share in the obstacles inherent to military life, contribute your gifts, and learn from others — MP Incubator Membership is right for you!

Included in your monthly MP Incubator Membership ($8/month):
  • Monthly MP Member Workbooks created for our military spouses to learn more about business. They're a great place for personal and professional reflection. Workbooks are educational and inspirational, 10-18 pages, downloadable, printable and fillable.
  • Military Spouse Goal Sheets help you take your big business dreams and financial aspirations from idea to reality. Inspired by SMART goal setting techniques, and leading best-practices, Military Spouse Goal Sheets are downloadable, printable and fillable.
  • Business Book Club provides Milspo Project members a once a month opportunity to discuss our curated business read with other MP members in a virtual online classroom. Join by video from anywhere.
  • Members-Only Facebook Group is the place where you can meet other motivated military spouses facing similar hurdles in their personal and professional lives, form lasting friendships, share wins, ask for advice, and join in on one of our weekly Mastermind Prompts.
  • Military Spouse Event Experiences are happenings where you can meet other members in-person and create lasting bonds that will positively impact your professional network (not to mention your soul) for years to come. Milspo Project event experiences include local one-day business events, business retreats, and celebrations. Milspo Project members receive early-bird tickets and special pricing to all of our military spouse event experiences.

Ready to level up?

Want to flex your leadership muscles, connect with other military spouse business owners who get you, and see substantial growth in your business? We can show you how.


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